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Programmed Workbooks

JEI Workbooks - Four Unique Features


Comprehensive Curriculum

Along with an accurate diagnostic system, JEI offers a comprehensive curriculum of programmed workbooks which makes it easy for children to learn and grow. JEI integrates both components to make learning more effective and fun, providing students with a greater advantage.

In each weekly workbook, new concepts or skills are introduced.

Upon completion of each workbook, an Interim Test is given which helps determine the level of understanding and mastery of the new concepts or skills.

Clearly Defined Learning Objectives
  • All learning objectives and concepts are laid out in a simple, straightforward format with detailed illustrations.

Small Steps
  • Small, easy to follow steps help students build a strong understanding of the learning objectives and progress effectively.

Spiral Structure
  • Building on prior knowledge is an important part of learning. JEI workbooks help students learn by building on previously taught skills with the introduction of new concepts.

Mastery Learning
  • Each learning objective or skill is introduced, practiced, and mastered before moving on to the next skill.

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