How Mandarin can unlock our children's potential in an increasingly connected world

October 25, 2017

Learning Chinese has always been a popular choice, however, it is believe that it will soon become an inevitable choice. In the age of social media, the world is becoming a smaller and more interconnected space. The internet is changing the way we communicate.


You may be thinking, why Chinese? Why not French, which is also spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and parts of Africa? Or the widely-popular Spanish language? Why should you learn


Chinese, when it is only largely spoken in China and some parts of Southeast Asia?


There are many reasons, including culture and travel. But the most practical reason is: China’s rapidly growing economy is one of the surefire reasons you should be learning Mandarin. Many parents have discovered this, and are now seeking to educate their children in Mandarin, especially since evidence suggests that children pick up languages better at an earlier age.


Pronunciation is key when it comes to learning Chinese. There are several different tones (read more here) so in short – if you want to be able to speak it with a native accent, the earlier you start, the better. For children, it would be best if they could start learning before the age of 12. However there is no age limit for true bilingualism. It can take place at any time.

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