3 tips for easing into the back-to-school routine

August 28, 2017


As the carefree days of summer come to an end, families across the country are readying themselves for the start of another school year. This means back-to-school shopping, rearranging schedules and creating new routines. Most students will need to wake up earlier than they did during the summer months; if they’re not prepared, this can be a tough adjustment to make. 


1. Start a new routine early:

Establishing a consistent routine is important for students at any age. For younger children who may be starting junior kindergarten for the first time, it is particularly important to create new sleeping habits before the school year starts.



2. Reduce anxiety:

It is quite normal for students to be anxious when they begin something new and unknown, especially if it’s their first day or they’re starting a different school. Parents are recommended to help their children push through the anxiety in an appropriate way.


3. Unplug:

Another way families can adjust to a new school routine is by taking stock of their technology usage at home. It is highly recommended that the entire family should “unplug” in the evenings before bedtime. Parents need to be an example for their kids when it comes to limiting the time spent on cellphones, tablets and computers. 





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