Simple Tips for Improving Grades

November 7, 2016

November is progress report card month. Which means, it time for students to reflect and create new goals to maximize their future academic success! Here are a 3 important ways that can help students achieve better grades.


1. Take notes by hand.


Ensure that you attend all your classes so you can absorb all the learning material. Listening and taking notes by hand as the teacher speaks helps your brain to take in information better, and allows you to fully understand concepts.


2. Be punctual and sleep well.


You should always arrive a few minutes earlier for class to ensure you have time to settle down, focus and get ready to learn. Nobody likes scrambling in the morning! If you are a student who often has trouble getting to class on time, sleep earlier so you are well rested for the morning. It is also scientifically proven that your brain will take in information better when you sleep well.


3.Stay organized.


As your workload gets heavier, you must be able to juggle between subjects. It is important to start writing in your agenda to avoid forgetting about your tests and assignments. Organizing your time in your planner can tackle procrastination. Avoid cramming all your assignments by doing them last minute!



Try these tips to improve your new academic term. Good luck!

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