Why send your kid to Summer camp?

May 18, 2016




1.   Friendship – Children and adults make new friends and renew familiar ones, often becoming friends for life. It builds community in a unique way, where children and youth can be silly and have loads of fun, and gain an anchor of support and encouragement long after camp is over.


2.   Cooperation – Children learn to play, and work with others who are different from them. Camp encourages kids to be themselves, and all are accepted for who they are, regardless of their background. 


3.   Appreciation – Opportunities are given to develop new interests and be a part of the group in a setting designed so each child can contribute. Thankfulness and encouragement are displayed during group games, independent activities, and in camp traditions, silly camp songs or a special note of something they did well. Your child can shine at camp in so many ways!


4.   Responsibility – With encouragement, they learn to do things for themselves and to see the results and rewards of their actions. They can also learn to serve others and have a healthy self-concept. These enriching experiences can provide your child with a compass that points toward integrity in a forest of choices around them, and can lead to a lifetime of growth and maturity.


5.  Independence – Camp can increase self-esteem and social skills by giving youth the independence they crave – trying new things, and being encouraged by mentors brings self-confidence. Living in a nurturing and challenging environment and being away from mom and dad gives kids a chance to learn things like respect for others, teamwork, kindness, and honesty while having fun as they learn! The separation really will be good for both of you, plus, you’ll enjoy the fun of them sharing exciting new experiences when they come home.

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