Tips to promote learning all summer long.

April 26, 2016


After 10 months of hard work at school, you can hardly blame your kids for wanting to take it easy over the summer.  However, research shows that over the summer months, students who don’t engage their brains may experience a summer learning loss, particularly with regard to math and reading skills.


Here are some key tips from teachers and education support professionals:


Read, read, and read some more. Make reading a part of every summer day. Suggest that your child read the newspaper, magazines, comics, or books — anything of interest. Ask questions about the reading and discuss your child’s favourite topics or interests. For younger children, try setting a time each day to read aloud together.


Visit the library. This, too, will help reinforce the importance of reading, as well as provide additional benefits. Ask about library programs and activities for your child’s participation, get your child his/her own library card, and encourage expanded reading options.


Connect reading, math, and other learning to daily life. Try to find opportunities to reinforce learning in any daily routine. Have your child count and calculate costs at the store, determine measurements while cooking, or use age-appropriate tools to build something; read menus, road signs, maps, or anything else related to daily activities.


Engage in creative pursuits with arts and crafts. Visit the Ontario Science Centre or R.O.M. that offer various age/grade appropriate ideas that can help stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity.

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