How can I foster critical thinking at home?

April 15, 2016


  • Ask you child how they would solve real-life problems.

  • Ask your child to continue to a story or predict what would happen in a sequel.

  • Ask your child to form and defend an opinion on a subject.

  • Ask your child how a text has influenced them.

  • Ask your child to identify motives or causes based on a real-life situation.

  • As your child to put together several bits of old information to form a new idea.

  • Ask your child why they think something is significant.

  • Ask your child to make a flow chart, family tree or role play a real-life situation.

  • Ask your child what questions he/she would ask the author of a text.


You can teach these standards to your kids and then interact with them in ways that reinforce the five standards!

  • Invite them to BE CLEAR by asking for explanations and examples when they don’t understand something. Let children know it is okay to be confused and ask questions.

  • Urge kids to BE ACCURATE, to check to see if something is true by researching the facts.

  • Encourage children to BE RELEVANT by discussing other topics that pertain to the discussion or problem at hand. Help them stay on track by linking related and meaningful information to the question they are trying to answer or the topic they are learning about.

  • Support your child’s ability to BE LOGICAL. Help them see how things fit together. Question how they came to their conclusion and whether their assumptions are correct.

  • Set expectations that your child BE FAIR. Promote empathy in their thinking process. Make sure they consider others when drawing conclusions. 

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