Prepare ahead of time.

March 12, 2016


EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) tests children in Grades 3 & 6 to determine their progress in Reading, Writing & Math. The purpose of testing is not only to meter your child's development but also to gauge the effectiveness of the education system at the school. Learning some steps to help your child prepare will not only improve testing scores but also get you involved in your child's education.


1. Understand the purpose and method of the testing by reading any resource material available here. Understand the test so that you can help your child understand them too.


2. Discuss the nature of the tests with your child. Students will be more prepared if they understand the method of testing.


3. Perform practice tests with your child. Go over the results of the practice test. Develop learning exercises for your child in the areas that have problematic scores. For example, use flash cards to improve math skills.

Trust your child to do his/her best on the tests. The purpose of preparation is not to make your child feel inadequate but to help. Talk to them and let them know that you have faith in them and understand the stress involved in testing. If you are calm about the tests, they will be too.


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